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eco200 only stock cleaning products that are environmentally friendly
eco200 products are used throughout the Aeronautical industry
eco200 products are safe to use in restaurants and industrial kitchens

"Strong all round performance for total peace of mind."

eco 2000 provides environmentally friendly cleaning products to the mining industry eco 2000 provides enrivonmentally friendly cleaning products to the mining industry request a product brochure

Just a note to say how impressed I have been with Eco2000’s Zi400 Colloidal Cleaner. Previously it has been very hard to find a cleaner that ticks all the boxes for performance, cost effectiveness, non-hazardous & environmentally friendly.

Bill Mooney, Paslode

Overall, we find Zi-4000 to be highly effective, without being too ‘harsh’ so as to damage the surface finish of painted, powder coated and gelcoat items as is the case with many other cleaning products.
Z1-4000’s green credentials enable us to have minimal impact on the environment, which fits in with our environmental policy.

Graeme Boucher, Managing Director, Nifty-Lift

eco 2000 provides environmentally sustainable cleaning products to the mining, power generation, and hospitality industry

"Zi-400 Industrial Colloidal cleaner works incredibly efficient on STAINLESS STEEL surfaces. Upon application one can honestly see it working with ease. A soapy film is visibly seen and upon drying, the surface is left with a silky smooth finish."

Ricky Corti, Director, Legend Cleaning

ZI-400 Industrial Colloidal Cleaner

zi4000 Industrial comes in a range of sizes to suit your needs

Zi-400 Industral Colloidal Cleaner available in:

  • 20 Litre
  • 200 Mauser

What is Zi-400 Industrial Colloidal Cleaner

Zi-400 Industrial strength cleaner is cutting edge colloidal technology. It is not a conventional detergent or surfactant based cleaning product. It has been developed specifically for use in the workplace and is a further development of Zi-400 Aerospace Cleaner.

Where can it be used, What does it do.

Zi-400's Industrial colloidal chemistry ensures that it is suitable for cleaning up the toughest stains such as carbon and blood, yet gentle enough for cleaning carpets, upholstery or plastics. It is even suitable for delicate tasks such as ultrasonic cleaning of jewellery and optical equipment. In fact, it is safe to use on any surface that tolerates water. Because Zi-400 Industrial is not a soap or detergent, it cleans more effectively without the problems or drawbacks associated with conventional caustic or surfactant based industrial cleaning products.

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Cost Effective

Because Zi-400 Industrial Colloidal Cleaner is such a highly concentrated product, it may be diluted through a wide range of ratios to suit the particular task at hand. This and the fact that it is physically different to conventional soap or detergents, means that Zi-400 can often replace a number of different cleaning products, reducing inventory, thus making it highly cost effective. These factors add up to substantial cost savings.

How do I use it

Zi-400 Industrial cleaner is suitable for any method of application currently used in industrial, general and commercial cleaning. From bucket and brush, cloth, mop or sponge, through to foaming wands, steam and pressure cleaners. Interestingly, because the product continues to work whilst ever water is present, the problems associated with other cleaning compounds, such as build up of oils, fats and grease in drains and plumbing, can be reversed. With continual use Zi-400 Industrial Colloidal Cleaner will actually remove the residual build-up in plumbing and drainage systems and flush it to waste.


Agitation of the area is essential. The use of water at elevated temperatures will usually assist the cleaning action. Apply and allow a dwell or 'sit' time to obtain the best results. Find out more about how Colloidal cleaners work.

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Zi-400 Industrial Colloidal Cleaner Suggested Dilution ratios

Zi-400 Industrial Colloidal Cleaner is a concentrated product which is diluted in water before use. The following dilutions should be used as a reference point and guide when cleaning. You may vary these to suit your particular application, equipment and requirement.

Restaurants, Institutions, Hotels
Type of usageZi-400 : Water
Bar glasses1 : 100
Carpets1 : 80
Floor, kitchens, other general cleaning1 : 32
Windows & glass1 : 100
Pre-washing soak pans Use 30 – 60 ml
Industrial cleaning
Heavy oil & grease1 : 5
Light to medium oil & grease1 : 15
Hand cleaner1 : 5-10
Steam cleaner (at nozzle of steam gun)1:256
High pressure wash1 : 20


Zi-400 Industrial Colloidal Cleaner is completely effective in any type of water. Unlike soap or detergents it works equally well in soft, hard or even sea water.

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Biodegradable,Water Based, Environmentally friendly

Zi-400 is non-toxic and non-hazardous. It complies with the requirements of WorkSafe Australia for non-hazardous substances/solutions and does not require any specific protective clothing or precautions for use, handling or storage. It is also ideally suited for use with septic tanks, waste water treatment systems and all water recycling/reuse plants.

Due to the nature of colloidal chemistry, Zi-400 is classified as a “quick water break” compound and so is highly compatible and recommended for use with oil/water separators.

Zi-400 is non-flammable, low-foaming, non-fuming and non-corrosive.It is not a soap or detergent, so it cleans more effectively without the problems or drawbacks associated with conventional caustic or surfactant based industrial cleaning products.

Zi-400 does not contain any solvents, bleaches, petrochemical ingredients, alcohol, ammonia, volatile organics, or halogens. Hence it remains residue free, even with frequent use.

Zi-400 is biodegradable. It degrades into environmentally safe basic elemental forms (e.g. carbon, nitrogen) and leaves no artificial or synthesised compounds to burden the ecosystem. Nor does it contain phosphates that contribute to unnatural algal growth.

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